Thursday, October 21, 2010

Baby Showers

I had to of the most amazing baby showers a girl could ask for. The firs was hosted by my amazing mother-in-law, Sandy, and awesome sister-in-law, Melissa. They did a wonderful job, everything was super:

Isabelle with her big sister gift

Everything looked amazing!

Diaper Cake and Mum made by my SIL Melissa.. they turned out great

My second shower was thrown by my mom, sister and SIL. They too did a wonderful job and my sister, Tosha, did a ton of the work. (Thank you Tosha, love ya!) I am truly a very blessed person to have family that loves and supports me.

Tosha made this diaper cake, it turned out really cute :)

My grandmother makes all of the great grandkids (and grandkids for that matter) a blanket. Isabelle cannot function without her "white blankie", I hope Davie loves his even half as much as Isabelle loves hers.

Ok I had an edited version of this picture that had Isabelle with a clean mouth but I cannot find it, so here you go the raw unedited picture of my child with a nasty mouth.. Whoever took this picture should have mentioned something.. LOL

Maternity Pics

I never took fat chick pictures with Isabelle, so I decided with Davie that I was going to have to capture my big mommy belly on camera. I am so glad that I did, I think they turned out great and Laura did an amazing job as usual

I have to say that my daughter is amazingly beautiful! I just love this girl!

Summer Parties

So lets's do a quick catch up so that I am not completely depressed that I am missing out on capturing all of our memories of my poor sweet children :)

Today we are starting with Summer Parties, what is a summer party you ask?? Well that is a very good question, I had never heard of them either but apparently all of the cool kids are having them.. LOL Isabelle proposed the idea that we have some friends over, get a pool, maybe a sprinkler, popsicle and then call it a summer party. My response being that i was 8 months pregnant at the time was NO WAY, that was way to muck work in the hot sun and maybe "next year sweetie". Next thing we know we are hit with two Evites from friends saying that THEY are having summer parties.. What the heck, whoever hear of this nonsense. Next thing you know we are sending out invites for our very own party.

Isabelle had a blast and was quite the hostess :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Where has the time gone??

Wow, so the last time that I posted anything to my blog was 4 MONTHS AGO! I cannot believe it, and when I posted 4 MONTHS AGO I was playing catch up from the last time that I slacked off. Clearly I am a horrible person and cannot get my act together, but I can promise that I am doing my very best. I am so sad that I am so far behind but my new plan (since the old one of catching up on everything in one day is not working) is to start anew and whenever I get a few moments one day (haha) I will catch up on everything in between. I just am do not want to miss capturing anymore memories and I know that the new ones will get lost in the shuffle while I am waiting to get caught up, so here it goes.....

WE HAD A BABY!! LOL, should not be news to anyone he is now 4 weeks old and I cannot even tell you where the time has gone. It seems so crazy that this time last year I was in tears after numerous failed pregnancy test (2 long years!!) and now I have my sweet little boy. We welcomed David Edward Wink III into the world on July 21st at 10:14am weighing 8 lbs and 5.7 ounces and measuring 19 3/4 inches.

D-day was awesome and so much different than Isabelle. Davie was a planned C-Section (as was Isabelle) but I guess because it was my second I was not as stressed. The operating room was even different, so incredibly laid back they were even playing the iPod as Dr. Roberts cut me open. The whole time we were laughing, joking and cutting up it was surprisingly a wonderful experience. I was so happy to finally hear Davie's first cry, it was definitely music to my ears. Being pregnant (at least for me) is so stressful I am always monitoring the number of kicks, making sure he is still moving, and hoping that everything is ok so the moment that they pulled him out and I saw his sweet little face I knew that everything was going to be alright. Well with the exception of him being surprisingly very quiet. He did his first initial cry as most all babies do but then he was just quite and alert checking out all that was going on around him while they sewed me back up. Isabelle screamed for at least an hour after she was born so I was kind of expecting the same thing but Davie was just quite, so of course being a worry wart I had to keep asking Dave "are you sure he is ok"? Surprisingly enough the silence did not last long at all!

Our last picture as a family of three

Mommy and Isabelle with our matching diaper bags, and Isabelle with her new baby (she named him Jonah)

our first picture as a family of 4!!

Three generations David Sr., David Jr, and David III ... Proud big sister!

Our precious little boy and all of that hair!!

More to come later, have a baby to take of........

Friday, April 16, 2010

The Painting Blues

I have started my "nesting phase" early with this pregnancy, don't know if it is because it is baby #2 and I know I am not going to have as much time to do things or what but I am driving myself crazy trying to get all kinds of things done before Baby Davie gets here. One of the big things on my two list (besides updating the blog-which will officially be updated after this post, yeah!) is to get the nursery painted, along with the front door, our bedroom (just needs a second coat) and the bathroom upstairs. I have been dreading all of this painting and now that I am 25 weeks along it is not a good idea to be climbing on ladders to paint, and god bless my wonderful husband but he was not blessed with a painters touch. Just take a look at the ceilings in the rooms that Dave and I painted by ourselves and you will see a little extra on the ceiling of many of the rooms where Dave lovingly left his mark.

So the past couple of weeks I have had about 5 different painters come in and give me quotes, we had complications with the original painter we choose so now we finally found someone. The trouble I have been having is choosing a paint color, what a nightmare! This has been the hardest decision ever and I am not sure why I am making it a big deal. The bathroom, door, and master bedroom have been a breeze but when it comes to Davie's room I am freaking out. I showed the painter the colors that I was thinking of and he quickly let me know that he would be happy to paint the walls any color I wanted but that I was going to hate the colors I chose once they were on the wall. I have had a million different opinions on what to do and am so lost that I finally broke down and hired a professional. I have a customer (I do her business cards) that is an interior designer, I figured it would be cheaper to pay her for her professional opinion than it would be for me to repaint the room when I absolutely hated it! So the final colors are a cream yellow on top and an orange on bottom. The two colors will be divided by a white chair, and hopefully will look fabulous. I am so nervous about this decision but it is done so please stay tuned, keep your fingers crossed, and say a little prayer for me..... Painting will begin on Monday!

Discovery Museum in Amarillo

Saturday (still in Borger) Melissa had a fun trip planned to the Discovery Museum in Amarillo. It was a great time, they had a lot of interactive fun for Isabelle.

We started out at the planetarium where we learned about constellations, Isabelle thought it was so much fun yelling out what she thought were the right answers to the speakers questions.. LOL Then we moved on to the body, where Isabelle played with bones, jumped on a tooting machine, checked her pulse, and more. I promise Dave was not torturing her with this jaw bone =)

Flying high in the sky with Daddy!

This was a game to see how fast you could throw a ball, it was hilarious because Dave and Brandon turned this into a competition. Once one of them got a faster time than the other the other person HAD to go again, typical males =)

This machine would have been really cool if it worked, but you stand on the pedestal and pull the rope up around you to make yourself fully enclosed inside of a bubble. To bad there wasn't enough bubble juice in it. The object of the basketball game was to bounce it underneath the glass and into the hole, but Isabelle gave up and decided to just go under the glass.

Our little hockey player

Aunt Missy flying like Super Woman..

Isabelle and Uncle Brandon making sculptures taller than their selves.

Thank you for having us Melissa, Brandon (and Dori) we had a great time!